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About Pictor

At Pictor Imaging, we work on cutting-edge technologies to build products which can help business scale and ease their work.
Pictor is an intelligent product photography application which helps you click good photographs and get them retouched by our team of professional graphic artists.
Pictor Mobile app is a free to download application. Anyone who has a product image to be retouched can use the app and avail our services. Mostly e-tailers, bloggers, designers, photographers use our application and our service.
At Pictor we are focused on creating a seamless production system so that we can quickly and conveniently edit your product images. We have built a custom platform to automate all of the steps before and after the image editing process however the detailed editing are taken care by professional graphic artists .
Pictor Mobile app is a product photography app. Fashion products, apparel, fmcg, general merchandise, electronics, jewelry, etc can be shot using the app.
The detailed guide for using the application is shared on the following link : We have also uploaded some videos which help you understand the basics of using the application. You can find them here at :
Our iOS app is due laucnh in November, Till then you can use the website to register and login to the account to upload your photographs for image editing
We currently operate our production office in Mumbai and Delhi, India.

Questions on Guided Photography of Pictor

There are lot of ways you can click a good photograph. Using DIY kits to equipping yourself with a photography light box, each setup has its own merits. A good raw photograph means a better finished images. As a rule of thumb to get a good photograph, make sure the setup used has no harsh lighting or coloured lighting
For normal products, the inbuilt camera of the phone is sufficient. However if you have any intricate objects such as small jewellery, you can use lens attachments with you mobile.
With built-in image processing technologies, the mobile application guides the user to photograph his products, adhering to online marketplace standards. Object, lighting, background are some of parameters which the application detects and helps rectify.
The application is designed to mitigate the most common errors amature photographers commit. The application gives the user feedback about the sizing, lighting, background, suggesting him different techniques to make modifications. The aim of the application is to get a decent photograph of the article, where the issues can be rectified in the post production.
The sample images let the user know the standard views of the product type which the online retailers use. The sample images are to guide the user only. The user can shoot additional views if required.
Sometimes our algorithms do give false positives. Your photograph might be okay but still the app could show you errors. At these times, we trust your judgement in ignoring the errors. Sorry, but we are still learning.
Sorry not right now. We strictly retouch product photographs only.
The errors in the application refer to the shooting environment of your product. Most common errors such as lighting, shadows, light flares & blur can be rectified by moving the setup in a diffused lit area. You can refer our tutorial videos for setting up at :
At our end, the image inspection team sorts the images according to the complexity and the quality. In most of the cases, we can work wonders with a normal image, but that too has limitations. If the image is not workable the image is returned to the user and the credits are refunded. Our team also provides information substantiating the rejection.

Questions on Image Retouching by Pictor

Due to the limitations of the sensor sizes of the mobile phone cameras, we only recommend the images delivered to be used on websites. The maximum resolution of the image is 1500*1500, at 72dpi.
We try to deliver images which are on par with a DLSR, when compared at ecommerce type of resolution. Though this depends quite a lot on the raw image captured and the model of the phone used to capture the image, we try our best to get a decent output.
We cover the basics of retouching such as Background Removal, Clipping Path, Color correction, Shadow removal etc. In the advance stage of editing, we also rectify the image if any part of the article is damaged, remove dust scratches, remove noise etc. In short we make the image online retail ready.
You can always send us a message for the product detail page in the app. Our team will always be in constant touch with you to resolve your queries.
Width : 1500 px and Height 1500 px at 72Dpi
You can contact our team for any special requirements.

Questions on Pricing

Getting the right photographs is a two part job - Photography and Post Processing. While we provide the app for free, each image which is clicked from the app goes through our servers and professional graphic designers for retouching. We charge you for the post-production service which we are providing for the images.
To make the whole recharge procedure simple, we have created different types of recharge packages. Each recharge package entitles you for availing our service for retouching your products. The recharge account remains in your account untill you shoot the photographs.
We charge our fees for retouching based on the complexity of the article and the quality of the raw image. Once you upload the images, we send you an offer price to retouch the article for your approval. Just shoot and upload the images , we will take care of the rest of the hard work.
We charge our fees for retouching based on the complexity of the article and the quality of the raw image. Once you upload the images, we send you an offer price to retouch the article for your approval. Just shoot and upload the images , we will take care of the rest of the hard work.
The price per image can go to as low as $0.3 and as high as $1.5
We do offer special packages from time to time to our returning customers. Please get in touch with our sales team to get an update on the offers available

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